Intelligently Simple Collaboration
DisplayTen is a simple to use, intelligent display solution designed for universal collaboration.

Leading Brands Trust DisplayTen

  • Zoom
  • Steelcase
  • Marathon Oil
  • LPL Financial
  • Harvard University
  • Perkins Eastman
  • Perkins Eastman
  • Perkins Eastman
  • Department of Justice
  • Hubspot


Real-Time Collaboration

Collaboration across workspaces and geo-distributed teams.

DisplayTen solutions allow users to collaborate across local workspaces, boardrooms, and geo-distributed teams. The interactive whiteboard and pen allow easy annotations on the DTEN note or any other application. Teams can now achieve communication efficiency like never before.


Effortless Content Sharing

One click and instant sharing capabilities without any complex configurations.

DisplayTen is a cable and wire-free solution. It allows one-click sharing via the wireless dongle and support for any PC and/or Mac. It also offers instant sharing on mobile devices with the free DTEN mobile app.


Seamless Integration with Video Conferencing Technologies

Fully functional modules to run any video conferencing software such as Zoom.

DisplayTen’s built-in PC module integrates with most collaboration and conferencing technologies to create a seamless experience for teams. It offers integrations with a variety of ports such as RS232 etc. to support control systems.


Core Features

  • Unlimited Canvas

    Use the unlimited canvas and save your work as PDF files which can be downloaded or scanned with a QR code.

  • No Installation or Wi-Fi Set Up

    There is no requirement for any installation or wi-fi set up. Plug in the dongle to your monitor and share instantly.

  • Real Pen and Eraser Controls

    Use a real pen and eraser to annotate and edit any document or use the DisplayTen note. Use the control features on the pen to move between screens.

  • One Click Share

    Use the one click share to connect any monitor to the display. You can even connect multiple monitors and shift between them.

  • Optional Slot for PC

    Get video conferencing and all other PC features you need.

  • Dedicated Wireless Network

    Stable and secure connection between DisplayTen and your device.

  • Two Way Control

    Control your device from interactive display.

  • Usable Without Computer

    Built with the DisplayTen OS, you save the cost of buying a separate computer.

DisplayTen brings interactive and intelligent display synergy to Zoom rooms conference room system.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. has certified DisplayTen interactive displays to work with the Zoom Rooms software-based conference room system. Learn more…